Board of Directors

Experienced, insightful and principled, these dedicated people guide our institution.

Gerald Meyer


Chairman of the Board

Mr. Gerald Avesta joined the Board in March 2011, and was named Chairman of the Board in December 2011. Mr. Avesta has 23 years experience in financial services and the investment business. He is a founder of a reputable private real estate investment company, in 2002 and remains the President of that firm. His firm has made more than $300 million of investments. Prior to that Mr. Gerald was, in 1993 a founding partner of the Abed Investment Group International, where he served as Chief Operating Officer. At Abed Group, Mr. Avesta was responsible for investments of over $500 million in more than 30 distressed debt instruments. He received his BS in economics and MBA in finance from New York University.

Mohammed kashif

Director, President and CEO

Mr. Kashif joined Gulf Imperial Bank in November 2012 from Union National Bank (UNB). Mr. Kashif was instrumental in developing the bank's business plan for targeting the under banked market and securing the regulatory approvals and capital required to launch the bank. During his tenure at the bank, Mr. Kashif served in various roles, including most recently as Director, President, CEO and Chief Lending Officer, and worked closely with the board to build a diversified loan portfolio, comprising commercial, SBA, real estate, residential and consumer loans. Previously, Mr. Kashif was director of marketing and business development for a web-based technology company and president of an outdoor media company he co-founded. Mr. Kashif received credit training and has an MBA in International Management from City University London.



Mr. Yeboi , in addition to his duties with the Bank, is currently Principal owner and President of Yeboi Tradings Specialties, Inc. He currently holds the position of Chief Financial Officer of JTD International Corp. He has extensive experience with banks and brokerage houses, such as Deutsche Bank, Merrill Lynch, Citigroup.



Mr. Arun is an Executive Director of  a non-for-profit organization since 1980 focused on community economic development programs designed to provide small minority and immigrant-owned businesses with technical assistance, advice, training and financing. In 1996, YTDT was one of the first Community Development Certified Financial Institutions. Mr. Arun earned a B.S. from the University of Illinois and an M.S. from Columbia University.



Only the second woman to open a credit union is one of the key founders and Chairman of Gulf Imperial Bank and some of it's affiliated Financial Services. With a 25 year career at Citibank. She is a managing Partner of Dubai Realty CT Group, a luxurious commercial real estate investment and management companies in the UAE.



Mr. Weber is program director for neuro-oncology in Dubai Cancer Center and the director of the Weber Brain Tumor Research Laboratory. Where he leads an NIH-funded transnational brain tumor research effort. Mr. Rashid is actively involved in organizing experimental clinical protocols for the treatment of brain tumors. And serves on the editorial boards of Neurosurgery, Current Surgery, and the Journal of Radiosurgery. Additionally, he serves on the executive board of the Joint Gulf region Tumors Association of Neurological Surgeons and the Scientific Advisory Council for the Gulf Brain Tumor Association. Mr. Weber attended medical school at the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey's Robert Wood Johnson Medical School, graduating in 1983.



Mr. Kingston is Vice President of Gen Global Investment Services (GGIS), which provides consulting and financial services mostly to well known construction and oil drilling companies. Services they offer include: Project finance, insurance, establishment of asset allocation strategies; analysis of source of portfolio risk; and development of corporate capital and growth strategies. Mr. Campbell earned a B.S. from Duke University, an M.B.A. and an M.S. from York University.