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Our Philosophy

"It's like having the Private Banking experience without the several million liquid."

We are your savvy small banker - the one takes you aside and tells you what really is going on. Are you a business owner? You can't rely on your non-financial peer group for specialized banking information and you can't even find a real banker at your Big Bank. So come to Gulf Imperial.

We are unique — a sophisticated banking enterprise on a small and intimate scale. Our mission is to advise and mentor you. We have cherry-picked our professionals so your time spent with them will best leverage your resources.


Gulf Imperial Bank is a privately owned, and privately managed financial institution with highly experienced bankers in the UAE that are committed to providing wealthy Individuals, entrepreneurs, business owners, and professionals with an exceptional higher level of banking service and experience.
Gulf Imperial Bank was founded for one uncompromising purpose – to provide  entrepreneurs, business owners, and professionals access to a higher level of banking service. We do so by providing market-leading products and financial solutions, supported by secure and integrated technology, with best-in-class client service provided by experienced, knowledgeable bankers.

In 2015, a team of local banking executives and prominent investors joined together to create a new chapter in Dubai banking, built on the foundation of a 43-year old local bank. The result is Gulf Imperial Bank, founded to serve the needs of businesses, entrepreneurs, family offices, and professionals throughout the Dubai metroplex.
Gulf Imperial Bank was founded for one uncompromising purpose – to provide Dubai entrepreneurs, business owners, and professionals access to a higher level of banking service.
We do so by providing market-leading products and customized financial solutions, supported by secure and integrated technology, with best-in-class client service provided by experienced, knowledgeable bankers.
We are invested in our clients’ success, and strive to serve with integrity, commitment, innovation, insight, and honor.
We pride ourselves on a job well done and measure our performance by your satisfaction and your financial success. Contact us today to find out more about Gulf Imperial Bank and how we can help you. We invite you to experience How Dubai Does Business. Dubai Owned. Dubai Managed. Dubai Bankers Serving Dubai Businesses.
At Gulf Imperial Bank, we proudly pledge to provide:
Expert advice and insight provided by experienced local commercial bankers, dedicated to understanding your business.
Deep market knowledge and an extensive network of local relationships.
Credit decisions made here in Dubai, and communicated in a timely manner.
Deposit and treasury management services, custom tailored to meet your company's specific needs
Continuous investment in secure and integrated banking technology, designed to provide you the most advanced and convenient digital banking experience available.
Superior client service, delivered by a dedicated group of professionals who will personally know you and your business.

Our corporate philosophy recognizes individual initiative, hard work, and a dedication to our core values. We are actively hiring the best in the local banking industry, and value individuals with superior skills, experience, and a positive “can do” attitude. Our deep balance sheet, talented team of professionals, and state of the art technology platform can help you further your career in banking.
Professional career options include opportunities in Commercial Banking, Real Estate Banking, Private Banking, Treasury Management, Mortgage Warehouse, Credit, Client Services and Compliance.
We welcome applications from qualified candidates whose values align with our team of professionals. To be considered for a position with our company, please search our job listings and apply online.
Discover the benefits of working with our team.
As a local banking leader, we are committed to attracting and retaining Dubai’ top banking talent. We’re proud to provide our employees with a comprehensive, competitive benefits package
At Gulf Imperial Bank, your business is our business. We bring an entrepreneurial perspective to banking, as we want to be more than just your bank – we desire to be your trusted financial partner.
We employ a team of experienced and talented commercial bankers, each empowered to deliver the highest level of service and support for you and your business. Whether your company is large or small, owner-managed or private equity sponsored, we will work to understand your unique business needs and develop customized lending solutions with flexible financing options.
We provide numerous types of business loans, such as:
Revolving Lines of Credit to support working capital needs
Traditional Term Loans for equipment or other capital expenditures
Acquisition Term Loans to finance the buyout of a partner or to assist in acquiring another company
Real Estate Loans for your owner occupied property, whether refinance or acquisition
No matter what type or size of financing you need, you can count on timely feedback from your local banker, with all credit decisions made here in Dubai.
In addition, we provide top tier treasury management products and services to enable you to meet your company’s cash and liquidity needs. Should you desire, we also collaborate with our experienced Private Banking team to provide principals, owners and management with the customized products and solutions needed to achieve your personal financial goals.
We invite you to experience How Dubai Does Business.
Gulf Imperial Bank’s treasury management offerings enable sophisticated management of an enterprise’s holdings, under the experienced guidance of our leadership team. Whether your firm is a small, medium, or mid-market operation, we deliver excellence in ongoing client support. We are prepared to help you manage your firm’s liquidity, as well as mitigate operational, financial, and reputational risk.
Our treasury management team combines years of experience with competitive technology to customize solutions for your business. Whatever the size, scope, or goals of your business, we can customize our suite of products to meet your needs, including information reporting, liquidity management, electronic payment solutions, receivables management, and fraud protection. We have the expertise, experience, and treasury solutions you need to streamline processes, increase efficiencies, and maintain protection of systems.
Treasury management solutions include:
State of the art online banking platform
Custom reporting functionality
Disbursement services
Receivables solutions
Liquidity management
Fraud protection
Gulf Imperial Bank is a trusted resource for real estate developers and investors seeking customized financing solutions for the construction, acquisition, expansion or upgrade of a multifamily, retail, office or industrial property. But it’s more than just banking services that set us apart... our team’s unique combination of deep commercial real estate expertise and decades of relationships within the real estate market can not only help you seize opportunities, but do it in a manner that results in smart, sustainable growth. When it comes to commercial real estate, we know full-well that no one size fits all. That’s why, at Gulf Imperial Bank, our relationship with you is our primary focus, and we are here to serve as your trusted advisor to help you maximize your return on your real estate investment.
Our Commercial Real Estate Banking products include:
Term financing
Short-term bridge loans
Construction & development financing
Gulf Imperial Bank’s Private Banking group is dedicated to providing professionals, business owners, executives, affluent individuals and families with responsive, highly tailored banking services and solutions.
Our skilled team takes the time to recognize your needs so we can tailor timely solutions for your business or family, whether you’re looking for greater liquidity, funding for an investment opportunity or a lifestyle purchase, support for your estate-planning objectives or the achievement of other goals. Our commitment to the highest level of personalized service means your Private Banker is available to meet with you when and where it’s most convenient for you — at home, at the office, or anywhere in-between.
Our Private Banking personal products and services include:
Standard checking accounts
Interest-earning checking accounts
Personalized savings accounts
Money Market deposit accounts
Online bill pay
Credit & debit cards
High-return Certificates of Deposit  
Protection for large-dollar deposits through ICS®
Customized loans, such as personal Revolving Lines of Credit or specific financing for primary residences, vacation homes, aircraft, automobiles or investments
Identity-theft and fraud protection
Private, Most Secured and Affordable Vault Storage
Gulf Imperial Bank has a long history providing mission-critical funding to independent mortgage bankers – including support for several warehouse clients on an uninterrupted basis since we originally introduced this line of business in 2004. Our dedication to this industry, combined with our commitment to relationships and service, have helped us forge a sterling reputation within the industry.
Program Highlights:
Tenured and highly efficient team
Warehouse purchase & sale agreements 
Competitive warehouse, deposit and treasury pricing with incentive pricing programs available
Same-day funding, shipping, and wire transfers
Broad product eligibility
Innovative technology platform providing 24/7 real-time reporting and pipeline management
Full complement of related bank services, including an extensive treasury offering