Remote Deposit

We make remote check deposits simple and secure. Even from multiple locations. With a PC and check-scanning device, you can send deposits to your Gulf Imperial Bank account online from your own office. Digital copies of the front and back of each check are stored and submitted for payment after passing a security checklist. An optional spray-on endorsement feature can save you even more time.

Key Features

  • Same day deposit
  • Extended banking hours until 6 p.m. daily from any location
  • Online access to check images, deposits and reports for 24 months
  • Export accounts receivable data to your accounting and A/R systems
  • Multi-level security access

Real Benefits

  • Faster access to your money – often one day instead of three to five
  • Fewer, more convenient trips to the bank to deliver deposit checks
  • Consolidate your field deposits
  • Historical data is always at your fingertips
  • Gain greater control over return items
  • Easy to set up and use